Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Features of Employee Onboarding Software

Induction Programs

Let us help you develop an employee induction program which will digitally file all induction documents within an employee's file. These documents might include Tax File Declarations (TFNs), Superannuation Forms, Copies of Employee Qualifications, Employment Contracts etc.

Employment Contracts | Job Descriptions

Send employment contracts to employees for signature. These can incorporate employee job descriptions and additional industry award requirements.

Employee Manuals

Make employee manuals available on an intranet site where employees can review manuals as required to inform their role within the company. Updates to manuals can be made available through a group feed and employees can be requested to electronically sign for any changes.

Performance Reviews

Track employee performance against agreed upon performance measures and utilise performance reviews to up skill your work force.

Training Register

Schedule required employee training and maintain a training register and copies of certificates attained during the course of their training.

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